Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hello from Nevada!

My name is Colin Robertson. I'm the Curator of Education at the Nevada Museum of Art. I lead the education department of the Museum, overseeing programs offered by the Museum, including lectures, discussions, colloquia, tours, gallery interpretation and new media inititatives, and school and teacher services. I also collaborate on the museum's art + environment initiatives, including the newly founded Center for Art + Environment, directed by Bill Fox, and the Art + Environment Conference held in October 2008. I work closely with Ann M. Wolfe, Curator of Exhibitions and Collections. I truly love my work.

I came to the Nevada Museum of Art from the University of Nevada, Reno, where I formerly taught English, and where I also received my Master's degree in the University's Literature & Environment Program. The program and its faculty are integrally linked to the Association for the Study of Literature & Environment, or ASLE, all three components of which were interdisciplinary enough and encouraging enough to support me looking at the intersections of art and environment, which ultimately led me to the Museum. I've written about the environmental sensibilities of writers, architects, and artists, most recently in an essay about Chris Drury (Hi Chris!) and his beautiful work about time, place, and inhabitation in my region of the country. The Museum's book about Chris's exhibition, Chris Drury: Mushrooms | Clouds, is forthcoming from the Center for American Places and the University of Chicago Press in October 2009. Chris's work was the highlighted feature exhibition during the Art + Environment Conference in October.

I'm fascinated by the many connections, conversations, and perhaps even provocations this group will explore, and look forward to the conversation.

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