Friday, March 6, 2009

Cloud Chambers and Strange Attractors

Hi Bill,
Yes I love the idea of taking a scientific term and turning it on its head. Caryn was right I definitely appropriated not only the terminology but the images themselves (echogram/echocardiogram). I have been making Cloud Chambers for years and the scientific definition of this is 'a devise for detecting particles of ionising radiation.' mine puts clouds at your feet.
Here are some images from inside Star Chamber in Nashville

and the Cloud pool Chamber at NMA

I also made a work called 'Edge of Chaos', which linked winds and ocean currents. 

Edge Of Chaos - Hand written text listing all the names of winds from different cultures in the pattern of a double vortex from the apex of a heart, and all the names of ocean currents in the pattern of  wood in a Redwood tree. Ink and peat on paper. 4'7" x  16'5"


Just now I am listening in on the conversations of climate change scientists trying to make more accurate models of prediction using Chaos Theory. Most of it, all of it in fact, goes way over my head and I grope for comprehension: math is definitely not my strong point. However I am drawn to the term 'Strange Attractor', and I feel it might be worth subverting it in some way. I am also interested in what they are talking about in terms of their methodology, which might move between a logical set of steps to randomness, and I am thinking that that could be acted out in another context, like canoeing and walking across the watery landscapes of the Outer Hebrides, which I am planning on doing later in the year. There is also something in there that really interests me: the idea of there being a pattern to Chaos.

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