Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ECO-ART - Pori Museum of Art, Finland

25th January - 4th February: Installation of 3 pieces at the Pori Museum of Art, Finland for the show ECO-ART, curated by John Grande, Peter Selz and Pia Hovi Assad.

The works are:

WIND VORTICES, Sky Blu, Antarctica 2007.
Printed by Elephant graphics in Sussex to a scale of 740 x 270 m.

A mushroom spore print painted directly onto the wall using dust from the ventilation ducts and ashes from birch logs used for heating a sauna.
Dimensions - 3 m. diam.

Made from birch logs, branches, twigs and charcoal sticks, the work is a vortex of logs laid on the floor 8 m. in diam.

On the first day the temperature outside was - 22
degrees and Errki and I headed out to a forest school 25 K. away to select the logs for Carbon Sink which were delivered later that day. Two of us, Veijo and myself laid the piece in 6 days. The print, in 10 sections, was hung by professionals and two artists painstakingly painted the spore print, which was projected on an overhead projector. It took them 4 days.

Artists in the show are:
Jan-Erik Andersson, Brandon Ballengee, Ciel Bergman, Christo and Jean-Claude, Joyce Cutler- Shaw, Agnes Denes, Chris Drury, Michael Flomen, Andy Goldsworthy, Helen and Newton Harrison, Ichi Ikeda, Richard Misrach, Nils-Udo, Dennis Oppenheim, Alan Sonfist.

It runs from 4th February to 29th May.

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