Monday, March 23, 2009

Week 3 Provocation on Time: A Gesture of Time from Karen

On my fortieth birthday, I gathered my sketches, paintings, hair trimmings, and other gestures from the year and sewed them in layers with bulges, hidden parts, and revealing cut-aways. The process is visible, while the specifics are not, in my political self-representation of the connecting lines of my art, life, and body. In the end, the watercolor could not be protected with a glass frame, and thus I began a series of watercolors throughout my next decade that could not be confined in a traditional framing process. Instead the shape (in)formed the meaning. I mounted the multi-edged watercolors on wooden embroidery hoops. These supports represented and hid the hiddenstream art history of my grandmother, her sister, mother, and prior generations of mothers.

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