Sunday, March 15, 2009

Heart and Solar Plexus

Jamie and Elizabeth - I really appreciated your digital pinholes of my Sierra Cloud Chamber. Mainly because the first idea for that piece was to close it into a dark space with a door and white floor with an aperture in the roof, so it would have worked like a camera obscura, projecting clouds onto the floor. However, its location was going to be the roof of NMA in August and it would have been so hot in there that you could never have stayed long enough to see a cloud. So to have you turn that around and produce pinhole images of what might have been, was very apt. Thank you.

and Caryn - I think you are right about the solar plexus - that is exactly where that connection lodges. It was what I meant by pit of the stomach. It is also the place of the centre of gravity/balance where you are most rooted to the earth. When things later begin to hit you emotionally, and this comes after, then that feeling moves closer to the heart.

I read about an interesting study done on the heart and and it seems that the brain and the heart are intimately connected. People who have heart transplants weirdly seem to take on the interests and skills of the donor. The solar plexus however is a visceral, survival type connection which then seems to feed into the brain and heart.

Maybe the need to categorise art into terms like hybridity is quite an American thing to do, because I haven't registered it happening here in Europe, although to tell you the truth I don't have big connections to museums over here. I think however there is more of a presumption here that things overlap. Tate Modern are for ever changing their categories of how they display their collections. but the science terms are definitely the metaphors of the moment.

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