Sunday, March 1, 2009

Greetings from Karen!

Students in my "Web 2.0 Pedagogy" course directed me today to a humorous "elements" chart of the Internet with categories such as "aggregators" and "get stuff" and "miscellaneous". See as one way to introduce the Penn State students who will be involved in the generative conversations. The categories could be considered a warm up to notions of hybridity (aggregators), appropriation (get stuff), and time/space/performance (mis/CELLaneous).

Another way to meet the students is to look at Hongkyu's blog in which he facilitated discussion with the class last week about "Ecological Perspective, Consumerism, Art Education, and Web 2.0 Pedagogy" at Or, the image avatar is an aggregate of their introductions both in text and in creating an avatar they use in meeting in Second Life.

I invite you to my Web site at: if you want to know about me, or you can find and "friend" me in Facebook.

I look forward to the generative conversations on this blog. I, along with several of the Penn State art education students who are participating in the generative conversations will be at a conference in Minneapolis in mid April and will visit the Walker Art Center within the National Art Education Association conference dates of April 16-21. Susan, I hope that we can meet in person then.

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