Saturday, January 31, 2009

Resources: The 5 principles from the Walker Art Center

Link to the Walker's Art Today site and learn more about the 5 principles.


Interconnected Gestures said...

Here these 5 contemporary art practices are called "principles" but on the poster they are called "elements". Why are they referred to as elements and principles?

susan rotilie said...

HI everyone,
I am jumping in a little late on this conversation, but this is a good place to start, I think. Your quesiton about "elements" versus "principles" is a good one and shows how thinking about language for contemporary art has evolved. Perhaps the use of these terms is a throw back to the traditional elements and principles of design (line, shapte color, etc. are elements as opposed to contrast, balance, center of interest, etc. which are principles. ) It is kind of like a recipe in my mind. Elements are the ingredients and principles are how you mix them together. How does this translate to the new words that we are going to be talking about. At first I thought people wopuld understand them as elements. For instance "Time" can be manipulated in moving image work. Appropriation can be used through juxtaposition or recontextualizations. But on the other hand these new terms mean more than just color or shape. They connect with media, culture, perception in ways that are larger. But I am going to throw this out there to you all, what do you think?